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How to store/freeze cookies


Mindful Mondays

A space to be present & connect with mind body and spirit. Articles, journal prompts and activities.

Community Work Outs

Free walks, runs and workouts tailored for all fitness and age levels ; activities that advocate for holistic wellness and community! Visit link for schedule and to donate.

Mental Health Resources

Travel, Camping, Outdoors

Accessible and attainable outdoor adventures! Free group hikes

Youth - Community

Dance Force is a youth dance company catering to inner city youth ages 5-17. We mentor through dance.

Group Fitness

Squats + Music. High energy full body & squats + bands class with DJ

Legal Resources - Social Media

Law Firm who works to hold social media companies legally accountable for the harm they inflict on vulnerable users.

Tough Mudder 2023

10 miles and 20 + obstacles through the mud! You ready?

HOKA ONE Chicago Half Marathon

5k or half marathon. Who's in?

Thankful AF

Dinner and Cookie soiree

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